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Cake Flower is a raw vegan bakery serving desserts naturally free from dairy, gluten and refined sugar.

We use only the highest quality ingredients that not only taste good, but make you feel good. The base of our desserts are fruits and nuts in their most natural forms, making them great for those with and without food sensitivities.


Cake Flower came to life when Waverly started making treats that not only suited her own food intolerances, but her healthy lifestyle as well.

Suffering from lactose or gluten intolerance meant no birthday cakes or fun treats and Waverly wanted to fix that. She knew she wasn't the only one suffering from a food intolerance and wanted everyone to be able to enjoy those moments. She also wanted to be able to serve sweet treats that even the most health conscious felt excited to eat.

After many trials and taste tests later, Cake Flower came to life (a pun on traditional cake flour), taking the simplest, healthiest ingredients and making them into delectable sweets that anyone can feel comfortable and delighted to enjoy.